Catalogs are multi-page bound documents. They can range from glossy product sales tools to corporate training aides. Catalogs often provide comprehensive information about the range of products or services offered by the publisher. Catalogs that are intended to be kept for longer periods of time often have covers printed on thicker stock for durability.
Catalog Sizes
These are the standard sizes used for . The sizes listed are for the finished size of the book. If you are interested in a custom size, please use our quote request form.
  • 8.5x5.5
  • 8.5x11
  • 9x12
80# Gloss Text
A very light weight glossy stock, great for hand outs or inserts. Also commonly used in catalogs and calendars for the lighter weight finished product.
Black Front
Printing in just black on one side of the paper. This is used for business forms or simple flyers and is the least expensive method to print.
Front Finish
Finishing coating applied over the top of the printing. This adds either a glossy or dull finish to the piece as well as adding protection of the printed material.
File Setup

Our advanced file handling processes and programs makes setting up your catalogs easier than ever. Design your catalog project with the page size the same as the finished size of your catalog, in reading order. When your files are ready, send us a high resolution PDF file, with appropriate bleed, and we will do all the setup and pagination for you.

Our talanted staff are ready to help if you have any questions on best practices.